Brown Invitation Ideas

View our brown wedding invitation ideas in rich, earthy shades of dark chocolate brown, speckled sand, mica or hearty wheat. Adorn with a java paper sash, brown grosgrain or delicate cedar lokta. Brown is a lovely choice for a nature-inspired wedding or event, it is a warm neutral color found in earth, wood and stone. Brown represents wholesomeness and earthiness, it also represents steadfastness, simplicity, friendliness, and dependability.

Stylish Red and Chocolate Brown Wedding Invitations 98¢

We created these chic red wedding invitations using the heavyweight Scarlet background card and crisp white overlay, wrapped with the chocolate brown Cosmos sash. This fine paper sash features a cool design in red, greens, white and metallic silver. The price was also...

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Romantic Cherub Wedding Invitations with Crystal Brad 86¢

Putti, also referred to as a cherub, is found especially in Italian Renaissance art, they are associated with Eros/Cupid as well as with the Muse, Erato; the muse of lyric and love poetry. Putti is featured in these romantic wedding invitations, using a vellum overlay...

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Impressive Belted Wedding Invitations for Less

We loved this classic look put together by Instyle magazine and used the same elements to create these gorgeous belted wedding invitations. The heavyweight Camel background card was layered with a printed white overlay and wrapped with a grosgrain belt, which was...

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Chocolate and Gold Wedding Invitations

We love dark rich brown with a splash of shiny gold, as shown in Bride's color school section. To create gorgeous brown wedding invitations with a little gold, we used our Chocolate background card and white overlay, fastened with a beautiful Primrose solid brass...

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Simple and Chic Wedding Invitations

We saw this gorgeous Vera Wang dress on and took the same idea and applied it to our wedding invitations supplies. The white printable overlay was layered over our Vanilla background card and embellished with the Latte satin ribbon and Oval...

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How to Order Invitations

Select components from the four steps below to order invitations. View our easy instructions how to make diy invitations for detailed tutorials with video.