Invitation Embellishments

Our unique wedding invitation embellishments are used to personalize and to add texture and interest. Select from our extensive collection of distinctive adornments:

Decorative Brads

Our chic brad invitations feature decorative brad embellishments, used to fasten the overlay to the background card. Brad paper fasteners are easy to use and require a micro hole punch to make a hole in the cards, sold separately.

Embossed Paper Petals

Our embossed paper petals are used with crystal jewel brads (sold separately) to fasten the wedding invitation overlay to the background card: a micro hole punch (sold separately) is used to make holes the brad tab is fed through the holes then the tabs are spread in back to attach.

Metal Charms

Our keepsake metal charms embellishment are used to personalize and embellish our charm wedding invitations and more. Charms can be attached using our mini brads, wire or metallic cord, sold separately.


Our metallic cording is used to create cord invitation by wrapping cording around the background card and overlay, metallic cording can also be strung with metals charms or sparkling glass beads, for a glam, ultra-luxe look. For a natural look, our twisted lokta cording is wrapped around the invitation then the ends are unwound to create a leaf shape to beautifully embellish your wedding invitations.

Glass Beads

Our exclusive bead invitations using glass beads strung on silver metallic cording, sold separately, that is wrapped around the background card and overlay, Glass beads require a foam protector sheet for mailing.

Skeleton Leaves

Delicate skeletonized leaves are used to embellish your skeleton leaf invitations. These are real leaves that have been dried and processed to reveal the intricate vein detail of the leaf and are tucked into our unryu sashes, sold separately.


Our satin, grosgrain and jacquard ribbon is used for wrapping around invitations, layered over a fine unryu paper sash or lace. The sheer chiffon ribbon is typically used bow to tie the paper to the background card, which requires a micro hole punch, sold separately.

Fine Paper Sashes

Gorgeous pre-cut strips of fine paper are used for our sash invitations by wrapping them around the invitations. Sashes are made from exquisite papers from around the world, they are approximately 1.4″x11″.

Miniature Silk Flowers, Tassels & Feathers

Our miniature flower embellishments are crush proof and used to attach the overlay to the background card. Our silky rayon tassels are approximately 1 1/2″ with a 4″ braided loop and are also used to attach the overlay to the background card. Our magical white marabou feathers are attached using a crystal brad, sold separately.