How to Order Wedding and Event Invitations

Enclosed is a guide for how to order wedding invitations including when to order, calculating quantity, invitation ideas, plus assembling, addressing and mailing invitations. There are four steps to creating and ordering your own unique invitations:

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When to Order Wedding Invitations

Ideally, invitations should be ordered three to six months before your wedding date. At the very minimum, they can be ordered six weeks before your wedding, but this does not allow for mailing early to out of town guests or any errors. Invitations should be mailed six weeks before your wedding or eight weeks for out-of-town guests or if your wedding falls near a holiday.

Calculate Invitation Quantity

After you have completed your guest list, order one per couple or family, plus at least ten extra for additions to your list and for keepsakes. Friends living at the same address should have an invitations sent separately to each of them.

Select Wedding Invitations

Search by season, color or event, or you can also search by keyword for a specific theme (sunflower, irish, vineyard, etc.). View wedding invitation ideas blog for inspiration based on the latest fashion and bridal trends.

Order Invitations

Order our luxe do-it-yourself invitations and choose only the components you want to create your own unique look. Select from our heavyweight background cards, printable white or translucent vellum overlays, keepsake embellishments and envelopes.

These diy invitations were designed to be made easily with tried, tested and ready-to-go supplies. The overlay is provided in standard-size 8.5x11 sheets for easy printing (no tiny or odd-size papers to feed) …just download the free invitation template, print and cut. View the step-by-step instructions for how to make invitations with videos, for each invitation style offered. No time to diy? no problem, we also offer custom printing and assembling for your convenience.

Assembling, Addressing and Mailing your Wedding Invitations

According to proper wedding etiquette, wedding invitation envelopes should be hand-addressed with the guests’ names. It might be tempting to use generic computer labels, but they can never match the care that has gone into hand-addressing the envelope. Setting up and feeding individual envelopes into the printer is another option, but this can be difficult and time consuming, plus it has a business-like feel, instead of a personal look, which is desired for this special announcement.

If two envelopes are being used, the smaller inner envelope is addressed with only the guest(s) name, such as “Mr. and Mrs. Grant Thompson” “Miss Johnson and Guest”. The outer envelope is addressed with the guest’s full name and address. Avoid using abbreviations for streets and cities. When assembling your invitations, the reply card with stamped envelope or reply postcard should be on top, then the reception card, then the invitation. If two envelopes are used, all of the enclosures are placed in the inner envelope face up. The inner envelope is placed (unsealed) in the outer envelope, with the flap facing back so that your guest sees his or her name upon opening.

Before stamping, bring a sample of the completed invitations to the post office to determine the correct postage. Invitations should be mailed four weeks before your wedding or six weeks for out-of-town guests or if your wedding falls near a holiday.

Need More Help?

If you see an invitation on our site that you like, but don’t know which components to order, send us an email and we will setup an account for you and add the items you need to the cart, just let us know which invitations and the quantity (which can be changed).

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