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DIY Invitation Supplies

Chic, smart brides want to spend wisely for their upcoming weddings, but do not want to scale back on style or quality. A good place to start is with the invitations, where diy is popular for many reasons, including: significant cost savings, unique selection of papers, easy to customize individual invites, fast delivery and ease of reordering.

Top 5 Reasons to DIY (do-it-yourself)

  • Uniqueness. Since only the overlay of a layered invitation must be printer friendly, a wider, more unique selection of background papers is available, including handmade papers embedded with petals and leaves, shimmering metallics, gorgeous vintage patterns and modern full color flowers. Adorned with posh embellishments such as metal charms, feathers, skeleton leaves, crystal brads, lace wraps, sashes or miniature silk flowers, these invitations will certainly reflect the importance of your event and stand out from the typical invitation.
  • Cost without sacrificing quality. DIY invitation kits using premium papers with embellishments run around $1.00-$1.50 each, a cost savings over typical invitations printed with mid-grade paper that cost $2.00 to $5.00 apiece, or high-end letterpress and engraved specialty shop invitations which can run $8.00-20.00 and up.
  • Speed. Fast online ordering and delivery of blank supplies, meaning no waiting for proofs and printing and no unwanted surprises with misprints.
  • Customization. Individual invitations are easy to customize when printing yourself using different wording for alternate languages, adding rehearsal dinner and out of town guests information, a feature that is cost-prohibitive with custom printed invitations.
  • Ease of Reordering. If you run out, you can quickly order and print invitations. Reprinting custom printed or engraved invitations is very expensive after the initial order.

Invitation Supplies You Will Need

Choosing quality invitation supplies are important, avoid thin flimsy papers and perforated edges that give a cheap look. Layered invitations offer a great way to have it all, using a printable overlay and a separate heavyweight background card, you can create an invitation with a luxurious, substantial feel. Our diy invitation kits include premium heavyweight background cards, 8.5x11 printable overlay sheets, keepsake embellishments, and envelope.

  • Paper: Select from over 50 premium heavyweight background cards, including rich solids, handmade cotton papers embedded with real flower petals, metallics, plus vintage and modern prints. Printable overlay is available in opaque white, for contrast or translucent vellum to reveal the background card.
  • Envelopes: Use a quality opaque envelope, our envelopes are 80# weight, made from 100% recycled fibers.
  • Embellishments: Finish with a keepsake embellishment to add dimension and uniqueness. We offer glass beads, belly bands, ribbon belts with brass buckles, decorative brads, jewel brads, metal charms, embossed paper petals, jacquard and lace wraps, natural lokta, twine cording, metallic cordingm sheer, satin and grosgrain ribbon, fine paper sashes, miniature silk flowers, real skeletonized leaves, and silky tassels.
  • Options: invitation tools (paper trimmer or micro hole punch), paper thin glue dots, scanned clip art of vintage illustrations, envelope liners or seals, preprinted reply cards, reply envelopes

How to Make Invitations

instructions how to make wedding invitationsDo-it-yourself wedding invitations are a smart, budget-friendly choice. However, for the bride who is not the scrapbooking or crafty type, an art project is the last thing on your mind with everything else to do. Our exclusive invitations were designed to be made easily with our ready-to-go supplies;

  • Printing: The overlay is provided in standard- sized 8.5x11 sheets for easy printing (no tiny or odd-size papers to feed!) ...just download our free invitation template, print and cut.
  • Assembling: Step-by-step online video tutorials for how to make invitations will guide even the most craft-challenged.
  • Addressing and Mailing: We recommend hand addressing envelopes, for a personal touch and taking a finished sample to the post office for postage requirements. Invitations should be mailed six to eight weeks before your wedding or event.

No Time to DIY?

We also offer custom printing and assembling as options, with our premium invitations.